Team: 630 - Cycle for a Corz

We are a small but passionate group of cyclists who love a challenge.  We are not a club but rather all High School mates that have kept in touch for over 20 years, riding together most weeks.

We are incredibly excited about participating in this event, not only from the cycling challenge, but the opportunity to honor our close friend, Corey (affectionately known as Corz), who lost his fight with cancer in 2014.

Over the years, we have participated in a number of charity events. The ability to again ride in honor of Corz, raising funds to do our part in finding a cure for cancer is something we all hold close to our hearts.

We are a pretty simple and bubbly bunch of guys so don’t be shy to say hello at the event.  We can’t wait!

Riding for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

Team 283 - ACU – Ovarian Cancer Australia:

Team 283 - ACU – Ovarian Cancer Australia:

With ‘’unlucky 13’behind him – Tim Huggins is ready to ride the 2020 M2M in support of Ovarian Cancer Australia

Tim Huggins is a long-term member of the Australian Catholic University M2M team. Unfortunately, Tim had a nasty crash within sight of Port Fairy last year and was transported to hospital. The good news is that Tim made a full recovery from his injuries and is ready to saddle up again for the 2020 M2M with the Australian Catholic University /Ovarian Cancer Australia team (Team #283 riding from Echuca). We asked Tim a few questions about what brings him back and here’s what he had to say.

How many M2Ms have you done? Not sure. I did one with Wodonga Hospital before joining the ACU team. I did at least two maybe three when ACU was supporting East Timor and I’ve done all the YSAS ones plus last year. Is that about 13? 

What motivates you to keep coming back?  Well after the first year I did not want to return but the challenge to push yourself is an itch. I think with 12 months apart I forget the pain you go through. The camaraderie within the team coupled with the fund raising for worthy organisations gets to me.

How are you feeling about the 2020 M2M given last year’s accident?  It was never a question of not returning. Cycling has its dangers. I do not equate last year’s injuries with M2M it was just one of those things that happened.

What’s special about the ACU/OCA M2M team? I’ve probably answered that by saying the camaraderie. The team’s culture is not so much result driven but more let’s get there together and do so as a team where each person looks after the other; particularly the non-riders within the team.

You’re the current Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Belvoir-Wodonga which has been a significant sponsor of the ACU team for quite some time. In that time, they have contributed over $20,000 dollars to the team’s fund-raising efforts. Thank you for your part in facilitating this and thank you so much to the club for such generous support. Why do you think Rotary are such a fantastic sponsor of the team?

ACU Supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia.  The Rotary Club of Belvoir-Wodonga is in the fortunate position of running a weekly market (in conjunction with another club) where substantial funds are raised on an annual basis. A lot of Rotary clubs and other service clubs do not have the ability to generate income like we can. As such we can be a bit more far reaching than other clubs. While most of the members are male, we have never questioned supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia; a women’s health organisation. The need is what is paramount and there is no doubt about the need to research and support. Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self.

ACU Supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia

Ovarian Cancer Australia(OCA) was founded in 2001 by people directly affected by ovarian cancer who wanted to raise awareness of the disease and support those affected. Today, Ovarian Cancer Australia is the leading national ovarian cancer organisation. OCA provide direct support services to women and their families while facilitating research and raising awareness of ovarian cancer on a national scale. All funds raised by the ACU/OCA Murray to Moyne Team go directly to the Ovarian Cancer Australia Support and Information Helpline. This direct telephone and email service connects women and their partners, family and friends with the support team at Ovarian Cancer Australia. The service provides invaluable support, onward referral, information and connection. This is only one example of the feedback the service receives:

“A special thankyou to Anne-Maree for her compassion and kindness in the support and information that she gave me on the support line. What a wonderful service!”

If you’d like to help the ACU/OCA team in their support of the information helpline you can donate directly via this link.

Joe Perry is the ACU/OCA team coordinator. This is a link to Joe’s Everyday Hero page where tax deductible donations can be made:

Team 570 - Bega Bunch - Hawkesdale Critical Emergency Response Team

Team 570 - Bega Bunch - Hawkesdale Critical Emergency Response Team

The Hawkesdale CERT is an organisation that is a team of volunteers within a community who provide first response in the event of an accident as described below. “Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) consist of ambulance volunteers who function as ‘first responders’ within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distance. Whenever they are dispatched to a job, an ambulance is also dispatched but the CERTs provide basic emergency care until the ambulance arrives.”-

Hawkesdale CERThas been operational since April 2005, and during this time has responded to over 250 medical emergency incidents in the Hawkesdale district.  Response areas have included; Hawkesdale, Warrong, Woolsthorpe, Willatook, Minhamite, Abbey Hills, Minjah, as well as other ‘remote’ areas.  The Hawkesdale Team came into being following a nasty accident on a local dairy farm that saw a woman waiting in excess of 45 minutes for urgent medical assistance.

Volunteers came from all walks of life with farmers, teachers, retired nurses, with most not having a medical background.  All training was done by Royal Ambulance Victoria, and ongoing monthly training is done by Ambulance Victoria.  In the event of a ‘nasty call-out’, Ambulance Victoria provides an excellent Peer Support Program.

The money raised by the M2M ride will be pooled to a fund managed by the Committee for the CERT group.  That money would be used as a member development fund and would greatly assist new & existing recruits to further the skill sets required for the task.  Examples of this would be training weekends with other CERT groups in the state,

The Bega Koroit Cycling Team is made up of Koroit employees from Site Manager to Operators.  The employees who are taking part in this relay form part of the ‘Koroit- Health Group’.

The Health Group was formed to promote the health and wellbeing of factory employees and provide a link between the site and the community.

Team 99 - St Kilda Cycling Club

Team 99 - St Kilda Cycling Club

The St Kilda Cycling Club Murray to Moyne Team was established last year when a bright spark, aka trackie member of our club, started with the usual banter at coffee after a bunch ride. She mentioned some relay ride the following year and would we be interested in something different? Filled with adrenaline and caffeine, we agreed thinking it was somewhat off in the distant future, and have we got time for another coffee?

Time passed and the call out came for help with SKCCM2M team administration. This happened at coffee again, happy beans and happy legs so she always got a yes. Logistics, training, food, accommodation, car hire, club sponsorship and charity roles were all filled by some A grade people. You should see our spreadsheets!

To decide on our charity we polled our club members, and okay there might have been some more coffee involved! Given the club has strong links to the Knights of Suburbia Cycling Club (KOS), it was an easy choice for members for the Love Me Love You Foundation (LMLY) to be our nominated charity.

This not-for-profit works on building resilience by empowering young adults experiencing mental health, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and life hardships. Some KOS and LMLY members and staff openly share about their own lived experiences of mental health challenges. You can’t be anything but impressed by the courage and passion driving both the club and foundation.

We know not everyone has a mental illness, but everyone has mental health. As cyclists, we experience the physical and mental benefits of pedalling with our mates, in the bunch, racing, or hitting out solo. We find belonging with the events we attend accompanied by what seems like endless banter and antics of being a cyclist in the biggest club in Victoria.

Nevertheless, we are also aware, more quietly there are people who are struggling and suffering in silence still trying to find how to speak up. They may be riding right next to you, or it might be one of your buddy’s adolescent children. This is where KOS and LMLY provide non-judgemental spaces, in the bunch, over coffee or through contacting LMLY, to have open conversations, and to help people find connection and support.

This is who the SKCCM2M team are riding for. The ones who are afraid, feeling alone, and perhaps like there is no way out.  We want to support LMLY so when that very person finds their voice there will be someone to hear, to reach for them and offer the help they might need.

Our team of 18 members have been attending training rides not only help with fitness but to provide experience in riding different environments. Our dusk rides have been popular with the group displaying impressive bunch skills. An honourable mention goes to the follow car playing what we’d call motivational music and providing what they’d call, funny words of encouragement. The team remains unconvinced of said driver’s comments and suspicion is they may have been under the influence of numerous Turkish Delights.

We know the M2M event doesn’t have a line winner, but we think our riders are champions by giving of their time and efforts. There is a sense of focused purpose coupled with endless jokes, sometimes resembling a comedy show as messages fly on the online chat. We are a mixed bunch of riders and although we may not agree on the joys of a roast chicken, the comradeship and spirit of the team is formidable.

This is what we love about our club, that there is room for everyone and even though cycling is our thing, next and foremost is the community we create by joining in. Alongside our relay riding there will be lifelong memories and friendships forged as we continue to debate the merits or distain of Turkish Delight, poultry and hoodies versus t-shirts.

We turn up, we train, we banter, we laugh, we support, we encourage, we pedal. We are SKCC!

YSAS/ACU Team 283

YSAS/ACU Team 283

Our team are very excited to be riding in the 2017 M2M. This is the 16th year Australian Catholic University (ACU) has had a team in the Murray to Moyne. At least we think it's 16 years. Joe Perry from ACU is the foundation member and team coordinator and he's lost count! For the last seven years we have been in partnership with Youth Support Advocacy Services (YSAS). There is a small band of team members who've been on every ride since the team's inception. There are also a core of YSAS staff who've been with us ever since YSAS and ACU joined forces. The partnership is perfectly aligned with the mission of ACU and the strong spirit of community engagement at the core of ACU's programs. The partnership has worked extremely well and there's no reason that it should not continue for the foreseeable future.

The team contains staff & students from ACU, staff from YSAS, and friends and relatives from all over Victoria. We're a keen bunch of like-minded people who enjoy riding our bikes and support the invaluable work of YSAS. YSAS engage, support and strengthen highly vulnerable and high-risk young Victorians affected by, or at risk of being affected by, alcohol, drugs, mental health issues and social disconnection. YSAS does this by developing non-judgmental, caring and respectful relationships with young people and their families and communities. With more than 330 skilled staff, YSAS provides a range of integrated services across 12 sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria. 

See more at 

We look forward to seeing you on the road at the 2017 M2M. Ride safe and may the wind be ever at your back.

TEAM 12 WARRNAMBOOL COLLEGE . . . Rides it's 28th Relay

TEAM 12 WARRNAMBOOL COLLEGE . . . Rides it's 28th Relay

At the suggestion of Physical Education teacher Julie Moor, Warrnambool College entered a team of five riders and two supporters who took up the challenge of riding the 520 kms for the 1990 Murray to Moyne.  

In this year's relay the College will have a team of up to 14 riders and 4 supporters. Tragically Julie was killed during a training ride in February 1991 and we ride to remember her spirit and love of physical effort and the outdoors. 

Over the 28 year life of Team 12 it has been made up of current and past staff family members and friends and there have been 45 different riders who have been ably assisted by 15 different supporters. Six of the 2017 Team have participated in more than 18 relays whilst 9 have completed over 400 kms for the weekend, 4 having completed the whole distance. 

The longevity of the team would not have been possible without the interest and enthusiasm shown by our riders and the efforts of our supporters who have accumulated over 90 participations. The ongoing support provided by the Warrnambool College, South West Health Care and Warrnambool Cheese and Butter has been invaluable. The financial assistance and in-kind support provided by local businesses over the years has been much appreciated. The energy and effort of team members to sell raffle tickets and produce, and assist in all other fundraising projects has been commendable. Further praise should be given to those in the team who donate both financially and in-kind.

Our team raises funds for the Children's Ward at Warrnambool Base Hospital (South West Health Care). Monies raised have been used by WBH for ward refurbishments, furniture, computer and television equipment, fund patient programs and to buy much needed medical equipment. 

Like all teams, the varied weather conditions - cold south westerly and hot northerly winds, blistering sunshine, fog, frost between Horsham and Hamilton - have added to the challenge of the ride. There have been accidents explained and unexplained, but no bones have been broken. Given the accumulated distance we have covered over 27 years few punctures have been had. As time went on we have become more sophisticated; using more than one vehicle and 2 way radio; team colours have changed several times and team size has averaged out at 11+ per relay. 

Graham Woodrup's original aim was to encourage riders to take up the challenge and our continuing participation and preparation have fulfilled his legacy. The efforts, achievements and friendships made over the past 27 years are important and we know that our endeavours to make a difference have been appreciated. As we prepare for the 2017 Relay and may it long continue. 

Riding 4 Youth Team Bio

Riding 4 Youth Team Bio

The April 2017 ride will be this team’s 4th.  From recent anecdotal reports of team members, most of which should be disregarded as distorted reality at best, this year’s team will be fitter and faster than ever before. 

The team is made up of riders from three organisations in the Warrnambool region – Brophy Family & Youth Services, headspace Warrnambool and South West TAFE.  We have recently confirmed a team of 16 riders and 3 support personnel.  And what a mix of skill sets we have!  This team should be the most cohesive, supportive and mentally tough bunch in the field.  In terms of health and wellbeing, our psychologist has been charged with ensuring that the team’s minds are as finely chiselled as their physiques.  We have a doctor who has been recruited to pick up the pieces when some of those bodies fail to live up to expectations. (Interestingly, this doctor is also a vet.  We have had to insist on dual qualifications this year as a result of the ride two years ago, during which one of our riders was cleaned up by a kangaroo.  The rider was well cared for by our team of health professionals, but the kangaroo was sadly neglected).  Our Child Therapist and Social Worker will be well-placed to look after those members of the team who turn out to be less cohesive, supportive and mentally tough than we had anticipated.  The team’s IT professionals will ensure that all forms of communication (mobile phone, social media, telepathy …) will be functioning at the highest level.  We have a range of accounting and business management skills in the team, so our provisions for catering and other supplies should be detailed to the finest degree, courtesy of the most meticulously managed spreadsheets.  Our resident plumber will be on hand to ensure that any non-functioning toilets encountered during the ride will be dealt with expeditiously.  The team’s builder has been charged with constructing a 5-star all-purpose dwelling for the Saturday night in Hamilton – he has been given an hour for this purpose.  Our team nurse will be on-hand 24/7 for the administration of all medicinal substances, although the skills required for accessing any with a twist-top are well-developed across the whole team.    Finally, our strong cohort of teachers and trainers will ensure that all our riders are fully aware of the direction they should be riding in at any point in time. 

In preparation for the ride, the team have been very active.  A small nucleus persists in getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning three times a week to traverse the countryside on wheels  (the photograph provides evidence of some of this group ‘taking 5’ at the majestic Hopkins Falls just east of Warrnambool).  One team member also organises a so-called ‘social’ ride every Saturday or Sunday morning, where a lazy 100-odd kilometres are covered either side of the obligatory lycra-laden latte.  The organiser of these rides presents an interesting story.  Until this time last year, she had never ridden anything with less than 3 wheels.  Having completed last year’s M2M event, she is now a confirmed cycling junkie (she sleeps in her lycra!) and lives and breathes cycling

Our Riding4Youth team have hosted 3 main fundraisers – a Trash ‘n Treasure sale, a film fundraiser night (the much lauded Lion) and a BBQ at Bunnings on none other than Australia Day – what else would they be doing that day?? 

In previous years, the team has raised money for various causes, including a mind & body fitness programme for young people studying at TAFE.  This year, the team’s fundraising efforts are being directed to the implementation of strategies designed to prevent youth suicides – a cause close to all our hearts.  Ride well, team.

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Many Rotary Clubs sponsor cycling teams or cycling events and, increasingly, even organise events as fundraisers.  Few clubs can boast of having their own team of club member riders who have ridden as a team for close on 20 years. In the process this has involved, at various times, about 30% of the current members of the Rotary Club. Meet the Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team! 

It all started in 1997 when one of our club Rotarians suggested we participate in the “Murray to Moyne.”  It would be good to get Rotary away from being seen the “old sedentary men and their fathers” club. So in 1997 we started the legend…and this year the team participates in its 20th consecutive Murray to Moyne event; in the process raising over $60,000 for health related (mainly) local charities.

But we didn’t stop at 1999 another relay ride commenced...from Mildura to Echuca...400 kms. The team jumped at this opportunity also and have participated in every event since. We also participate in any local riding events. 

In fact, such has the “active” team image grown that we have participated as a team in other non-riding events as well...the MS 24 hour Swim-a-thon, the Relay for Life walk and local community triathlons. In 2013 we decided to emulate an event put on by a number of Rotary Districts and ride (all the way) to our Annual Rotary District Conference...that year 5 members rode to Warrnambool over 500 kms, the next year it was Ballarat 440 kms, this year Renmark…and so it goes...each year taking about $1,000 for Australian Rotary Health.

The club has had many stalwarts...the current team coordinator riding in his 20th event this year, three others have participated in at least 14 events and let's not forget the bus driver who is up for more than 10 events.

Lets face it, we are not elite riders…with an average age of about 60+, we are a little on the slow side by comparison to the “30 to 40 something” lycra clad warrior.

We still train every Sunday morning with a ride of between 45 and 60 kms and we have participated in other local events and out-of-town social rides on hybrids and mountain bikes. 

In 2011, eight members of the team rode all the way from Mildura to Adelaide to celebrate the 65th birthday of one of its founding members. In earlier years we swapped our road bikes for mountain bikes and rode from Broken Hill to Mildura via Menindee and Pooncarrie, we also rode the Mountains to the Murray (Bright/Beechworth to Wangaratta) and East Gippsland Rail Trails! One member even joined the “Great Australian Rotary Bicycle Ride” in 2009 and rode the 4000 km from Darwin to Perth.

Some team members are now ageing (well…of course, like quality wine) but hopefully there will always be an influx of new blood and new enthusiasm so that the team will continue to be an inspiration to all men and women of all ages for another 20 years! Rotary Revolution just keeps on going!

Photo: Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team 

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M
Team TR has been riding the Murray to Moyne Cycle ride since the year 2000 – that makes a total of 16 years this year.  
In this time we have lost one of our members “Russell Patrick” the engineer who created our wonderful Bike Rack.  We thought of not riding the year he was killed but all his friends said that he would have wanted us to ride in his memory, which of course we did.  
Team TR originated from the Tech Rentals Company (rentals of test and measurement equipment since 1978 and is now known as TR Pty Ltd which has three main divisions with 
offices Australia wide: 
  1. Tech Rentals – Test & measurement equipment rentals – 
  2. TR Hirecom – Communications equipment rentals and 
  3. TR Calibration – NATA & traceable calibration of test & measurement equipment.  
We originally rode as team 210 and wore yellow and red colours. Our riders consisted mostly of staff in the Company as well as some of our customers.  We then found our numbers were dwindling so the Cadbury team joined forces with us and we rode in the blue 
and red colours.
We now ride in our new company colours of blue and white and we are back to staff members, some customers and also family. i.e. Joan Carter (mum) Danny Carter (son) and Hayden Benwell (grandson) – How good is that!!  This epitomises what Woody was all about!!
The CEO of our Company has encouraged staff members interested in riding by offering to pay for their entry into the Murray to Moyne each year.  The Company also covers cost of petrol and food and transport support which has been invaluable.  Our staff fundraising over these years has reached over $50,000 and the Eastern Health hospitals have been extremely grateful and supportive of our efforts.
The Murray to Moyne volunteers over these years have been excellent.  This event could not 
happen without them – thank you to you all.

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

The Murray Goulburn Koroit team, known as the MG Devondalers, started in 2011 with the aim to help the local community, and stay healthy at work.

The idea of entering the Murray to Moyne came from the highly successful Koroit MG Health Group which promotes health initiatives across the factory site and within the Koroit community.

The team consisted of a majority of ‘first-time riders’ and the focus was about being inclusive and raising the fitness/health of the whole group (and having some fun along the way).

We have been able to encourage riders from across the factory, including our site manager, and last year we adopted the Hawkesdale Secondary College students as they had been trying to enter a team for the previous couple of years.

In helping the community the MG Devondalers support local CERT groups.

“Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) consist of ambulance volunteers who function as ‘first responders’ within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distanceThe ‘Hawkesdale CERT’ was founded after a local dairy farmer was seriously injured and had to wait over 45 min for urgent medical attention.

As a group we decided to fundraise for this cause as it’s such an important service to the local community and our tanker drivers and farmers can be in these situations, requiring assistance if an accident occurs. We support the three local CERT groups - Hawkesdale, Nullawarre and Port Campbell.

The team fundraises during the year with BBQs and raffles at the factory and a major raffle that all CERT groups assist with selling tickets. The total raised for the local groups over the four years is nearly $30,000 which has been used to assist CERT Group members to attend training and group meetings.

We have been fortunate that many of the service providers to Murray Goulburn understand the importance of the CERT groups and donate to the cause.

We are proud to support the efforts of the Murray to Moyne organisation and congratulate everyone involved for the 30 years of riding and fundraising (and having fun).