Training tips

As this is a ride not a race, training should concentrate on a steady pace over approximately one hour. Generally, you will be riding from 20-30 km in each riding stint on the M2M.

First and foremost …get your position, especially the seat height set up properly before you start training. Check this is correct with your Team Leader.

Road 10 -12 speed bikes are the best to use for the M2M. They are designed to be ridden in the position that gives the most use of those muscles required to gain the most speed. They may be hard to get used to, but in the long run, they are streets ahead of any other kind of bike for this type of riding.

The lighter the bike, the better, but within reason. Don't rush out and spend a fortune on an ultra light machine that will sit in the shed for months collecting dust. Borrow one first and then decide if you intend to keep on riding after the event.

It is worth repeating …. get your position, especially the seat height set up properly before you start training.

Training should be done often rather than once or twice a week. Naturally it is harder to maintain a good speed into a head wind, but the fitter you become, the less the wind will affect you.

The other advantage of constant training is that your get your pressure points (tail, feet and hands) used to the task at hand. If it is cold, wear warm clothes. Don't waste unnecessary energy keeping warm, risking hypothermia and cramp.

If you can, try learning by riding with a bunch of cyclists, perhaps with your other team members. Many bunches of cyclists are formed during the M2M as it is much easier riding in a bunch, you only have to ride on the front for shorter distances and get the benefit of drafting after you have done your stint at the front. It's a good idea if you can go out for a bunch ride at least once a week, perhaps on a weekend, and do a longer ride, a bit over the distance you expect to ride on the M2M. But, make sure you build up slowly the distance you train. You'll be surprised how quickly you develop initially.

Use your head. WEAR A HELMET. This is compulsory anyway. A reflective vest and/or ankle reflectors are essential at all times. Cycling mittens/gloves are good to protect your hands and cushion vibrations from the road. Cycling shoes that can be secured to the pedals are much better for performance.

Satisfactory lights - front and back are compulsory for night riding - be VERY careful when riding into the sun or at dusk. Always keep as left as practical on the road and be aware of traffic and consequences.

On the subject of gears, be careful not to ride too high a gear. Try to count your pedal revolutions every now and again, at approximately 80-90rpm, ie.count your revolutions for 30 seconds and multiply by 2.

Rule of Thumb

  • If your legs hurt but your breathing is okay, your gear is too high.
  • If your legs are okay, but you are breathing too hard, then your gear is too low.
  • If both complaints are happening at once you need more training.

You are better to err on the side of pedalling faster to avoid over stress to back muscles, with practice this can be accomplished for more efficient performance and fitness.

Don't forget to do some stretching exercises before and after your ride, especially quadriceps and hip extensions. It is important to have a correct riding position before you start your training. A good bike shop or experienced cyclist can help a lot with this.

Don't hesitate to ask an experienced cyclist for help with training, equipment requirements, bike position, etc or email us if you are looking for advice on these matters.

Ride Times

6:00pm – 7pm Friday evening Registration as designated in Team Manager's Briefing Notes - Collect Team packs.
8.30am Saturday Briefing for all Riders at Start Point
9.00am Saturday – Teams depart in waves as designated by Ride Director
6.45am Hamilton Start - Sunday Briefing for all Riders at Start Point
7.00am Sunday – Teams depart in waves as designated by Ride Director
11.00am Sunday – arrive in Port Fairy
All marshals will be off the road from 11.00am sharp.

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