Graham Woodrup Memorial Award

Each year 'The Graham Woodrup Memorial Award' is made to recognised a special contributor to the ethos of Graham and the M2M Cycle Relay. 

The award is presented to someone who has displayed 'exceptional effort and inspiration' to others in the course of his/her team's involvement with the Murray to Moyne, In memory of 'Woody'.

Who is eligible for the award?

Any person associated with the Murray to Moyne, as a Rider, Support Crew or Event Volunteer. All potential recipients of the award (nominees) are required to be present at the Final Presentation Ceremony in Port Fairy on Sunday 5 April 2020.

Criteria - Exceptional effort and inspiration:

Graham Woodrup or Woody as he was fondly called, was a visionary. He had a dynamic and enthusiastic personality, inspiring others by example to be generous with their talents by using them to help others. These characteristics epitomise this award for 'exceptional effort and inspiration to others'.

Nominations should address the following criteria: Please Read this !!

  • A person who has overcome difficult circumstances to participate in or be associated with the M2M.
  • A person who has inspired others by their actions and commitment to the M2M.
  • A person who, through the M2M, has motivated others to get on a bike and have a go!
  • A person who has encouraged others through the M2M to fundraise for a hospital or health related organisation.
  • A person who has contributed significantly to the M2M at a team level.

Nominations should include the following details:

  • Name of nominated person.
  • Representing Team.
  • Name of hospital or health related organisation.
  • Reason for nomination - as per criteria above.
  • One reference from a member of the local community.
  • Attach any relevant newspaper clippings and photos.

Nominations are to be received by 12 noon Friday 6 March 2020.

Email or post to:

Murray to Moyne Administrator
P.O. Box 227, Port Fairy VIC 3284

Telephone:  0467 788 765


Previous recipients of the Graham Woodrup Memorial Award have been:

1992  Hester Woodrup & Kate Woodrup (nee Winnen)

1993  Ellie Feeney, Port Fairy

1994  Graham Gugger, Mildura

1995  Hans Kruse, Timboon

1996  Dennis Lemke, Port Fairy

1997  Viv Forster, Echuca - Posthumously

1998  Graeme Wilkerson, Hamilton

1999  Jim Rendell, Port Fairy - Posthumously

2000  Pauline Kelly, Edenhope

2001  Norm Adams, Wangaratta

2002  Fran Taylor, Castlemaine

2003  Graeme McFarlane, Casterton

2004  Kevin Lee, Koroit

2005  Garry Tierney

2006  Alice Birrell

2007  Dr Peter Downie

2008  Tim O'Sullivan - Colac & 
Peter Rees - Colac (joint winners)

2009  Paul Paridaen, Anglesea

2010  Andrew Thomas, Maryborough

2011 Frank Carlous, Department of Health

2012 David Cameron, Mulleraterong Centre, Hamilton

2013 Hugo Johnston, Lorne Spinners and Clancy Hammond,
         Abbie's Rainbow Ride for Cystic Fibrosis

2014 Les Solly, Team Outpatients, Hopetoun

2015 Rob Mason, Loddon Murray Cycling, Kerang

2016 Joint winners:

  • Mary McGowan, Cytotoxic Cyclists, Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Winston Silbereisen Daylesford Wheelsuckers, Hepburn Health Service

2017 Joint winners:

  • Ann Hennessy, Colac Cranks, Colac Area Health
  • Christine Mavridis, Colac Cranks, Colac Area Health

2018 Lester Campbell, Warrnambool College Team, Childrens Ward - Warrnambool Base

2019 Joe Perry, Australian Catholic University, Ovarian Cancer Australia