Newsletter No 69 - 23 March 2024

Newsletter No 69 - 23 March 2024

M2M – Saturday 6 April & Sunday 7 April (End Daylight Savings)

In this edition: Please read this Newsletter Carefully - Lots of Detail !

  • Registrations OPEN
  • Team Registrations Close:  Tuesday 26 Mar 24
  • Individual Team Member Registration Close: Sun 31 Mar 24
  • Get your Team Members Registered ASAP.


  • Start Times - Email to Team Managers.
  • Hamilton to Port Fairy Start Times & Route Allocation - Email - Team Managers.
  • Team Check-in at the Murray River Start Locations.
  • Team Event Bags - Collect yours at the Check-in.
  • Official Team Briefing - 8:40 am at the Start Locations.
  • Hamilton Compulsory Stop.
    • How and Why you need to Check-in at Hamilton.
    • Echuca Route Roadworks into Hamilton !
  • Hamilton to Port Fairy - 2 Routes - via Macarthur or Penshurst.
  • Port Fairy Finish - Check-in, Medal Collection & Presentation.
  • On- Route Catering. Mildura & Echuca Routes.
  • Joy Ride M2M Video Link.
  • Casterton Memorial Hospital - Team 71.
  • Castlemaine Rouleurs - Team 220.
  • Winners - Bars & Gels - Specials - Team Prize Sponsor. M2M Discount.
  • Participant Prizes.  Accommodation Vouchers.
  • Dates for the 2024 Event.

Team Managers:  Important Information: Team Managers are reminded to please get all your Team Members Registered as soon as possible.  Please check your Team Members have Registered correctly and access your Registered Team members by using your Team Captain Login and Password.

Late substitutions for Team members can be made at the start locations on Friday night or Saturday morning.  ie If you have someone who has had to withdraw and that you have a substitute to take their place.

Start Times for each team on each route from the Murray River will be sent out to Team Managers on Tuesday 2 April - via E-mail.  This will also include the Team Start Times from Hamilton on Sunday morning (from 7am).  Please be on Time.  (Note Daylight Saving ends on Sunday 7 April). The Hamilton to Port Fairy Route allocations will also be included in this e-mail. ie Hamilton to Port Fairy via ether Penshurst (Pink)  or Macarthur (Green).

Remember the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay is designed to cater for a range of riders and is not a race event.  Ride Directors on each route will schedule a Compulsory Stop to allow the gap between the front and the rear  close up.  We aim to keep the gap at less than 60 kilometers. These Stops are listed for Mildura Route - Warracknabeal and Echuca Route - Stawell. (about 20 to 30 min). Many use this stop as an opportunity to have Dinner.

The M2M should be an enjoyable event for all so please take notice of the "Ride Officials" including the Motorcycle Marshall’s and Corner Volunteers - as we are all concerned about your safety.

Team Check-in Times & Locations / Collecting Team Bags:

Checking In – All Team Managers must check-in with the Ride Officials either 6-7pm Friday evening or Saturday morning. See info below for Check-in Times and Location. Upon check-in you will receive a Team Event Bag which includes the Official Ride Guide, Team Numbers for Each Rider, Safety Pins to attach the Nos, Plus PINK, GREEN & ORANGE stickers for vehicles and trailers and handouts.

Mildura Route Check-in: Friday Night 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday morning from 8:00 am to 8:30 am - Location: Mildura Start location - Fishers IGA - 2109 15th Street, Irymple.

Echuca Route Check-in: Friday Night 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Location: Paddlewheel Motel car park, 389 High St, Echuca and Saturday morning from 7:00 am to 8:30 am - Location: Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, 74 Murray Esplanade, Echuca.

Vehicle Number Stickers – Stickers in your Team Event Bag collected on check-in have instructions. ORANGE – for vehicles (top corner passenger windscreen & top right hand rear window) and rear right side of trailers. PINK – for ONE vehicle only routed via Penshurst (top corner drivers right side). GREEN – for ONE vehicle only  routed via Macarthur (top corner drivers right side).

Ride Briefing– A compulsory briefing for all riders and support crew will be held at 8.40 am at the starting location:

  • Mildura - Fishers IGA, SUPA, 2109 15th Street, Irymple.
  • Echuca - Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, 74 Murray Esplanade, Echuca.

The briefing will be attended by representatives of Victoria Police, and also allows us to introduce to you the people who are there to ensure the safe conduct of the ride and to explain their roles. Please obey any instructions they give.


When Teams arrive in Hamilton. Team Managers need to either ring the Hamilton Crew Check-in on the following phone Nos or physically check-in at the Northern end of the Hamilton Showgrounds. (Corner of Shakespeare Street and King Street).

Hamilton Phone-in Check-in Phone Nos: Sue: 0438 217 260 or Peter: 0429 167 146.

We need to know that you have arrived safely so you must make contact !

Sunday Breakfast (5.30–6.45am)at Hamilton Showgrounds – Lions Club supply hot food and Java Jive Coffee Van—Expresso Coffee. Northern end of Showgrounds (Corner of Shakespeare Street and King Street).

Roadwork - Please Note: Echuca Route - Entry into Hamilton.Roadwork will affect the normal entry into Hamilton from Dunkeld. Once you come over the railway crossing overpass, you normally turn right at the lights into Cox Street. This year Cox Street will be closed and so you will need to continue along French Street until you reach the Brown Street roundabout - Turn right and continue through the CBD until you cross Lonsdale Street and you enter Shakespeare Street - follow Shakespeare Street up the hill to the Showgrounds Northern entrance.

The Cox Street Closure all also affect all those leaving Hamilton on Sunday morning via the Penshurst Route. Motorcycle Marshalls & Signs will direct riders on this route when exiting Hamilton.

Roadwork - Please Note: Echuca Route - Entry through Stawell. Roadwork will affect the intersection of Seaby Street (C221) and Western Hwy (A8). Detour via - Turn right into Cooper Street and then Left into Griffiths Street and follow signs / and directions across Western Hwy.

Maps for both of the above Roadworks Detour routes will be e-mailed to Team Managers on Tuesday 2 April.


When leaving on Sunday, BE ON TIME. If you did not stay at the showgrounds or HILAC - enter the showgrounds from the Shakespeare Street gate entrance.  Ride through the showgrounds and gather at the Horner Street gate at the Southern end for departure.

Ride carefully and safely from Hamilton to Port Fairy as there will be a lot of cyclists on this stretch. Either via Macarthur or Penshurst.

IMPORTANT— Sign in and Collect your Medals from the M2M Tent near the finish line at Port Fairy. (We need to know your Team has arrived safely).

Rotary BBQ Hot food, Barista Coffee, refreshments available at Railway Place Port Fairy.

Port Fairy Finish - M2M Presentation. 11.30 am sharp Railway Place Port Fairy – Award Presentation. (Please make a special effort this year to attend the presentation)

Murray to Moyne officials will be off duty by 11.30am so to make it on time, keep the relay going and have a member of your team on the road at all times.

Showers are available in Port Fairy at Belfast Aquatic Centre on Campbell Street.  (Gold Coin Donation).


Mildura Route: Many teams use the Warracknabeal Stop as a chance to purchase meals from the BP Roadhouse.  They offer a wide range of food options and offer clean toilets. This is a little more than half way to Hamilton.

Echuca Route: Rapid Relief Team will provide Breakfast and Coffee at the Start in Echuca.  A Dinner option is organised for Stawell.  The Rural Aussies for Refugees (RAR), Grampians/Gariwerd are providing a BBQ at the Woolworths Car Park as you enter the main street. (Inc Hamburgers, Sausages, Chops, Drinks, Water, Desert etc)  Barista Coffee also available. Plus Toilets.  Menu for Stawell will be sent out with the E-mail to Team Captains on Tues 2 April.

Hamilton to Port Fairy - Via Macarthur Route:  Macarthur Lions Club will be offering Egg & Bacon Rolls, Pancakes, and Tea / Coffee. Toilets available in Lions Park.

Hamilton to Port Fairy - Via Penshurst Route:  Hawkesdale CERT Unit are offering homemade cakes, scones and slices plus Tea / Coffee. Donations for the Hawkesdale Critical Emergency Response Team - CERT.  Toilets available on the right just as you enter the town on the right - next to the swimming pool.

M2M Joy Ride Video - (Link)


After 32 years, having ridden over 17,000 Kilometres and raised over $300,000 for our Hospital the CMH Murray to Moyne Committee has disappointingly come to an end.

All extensive efforts to recruit a new Chairman for our Committee and coordinator have regrettably been unsuccessful.  I guess all good things run their course.  Shane and I have been there from day 1 and I have coordinated for the 32 years, Unfortunately no one is prepared to take on these roles.

Every time we take a new rider or support crew on our ride, they love it and want to go again. Everyone loves the event, so you are doing something right. Just sorry we are not going to be part of it going forward.

I wish you success with the future of this amazing event.

Barb Thoma - Casterton.

Editor:  Thank you to Barb and your team for all your fundraising efforts for the Casterton Memorial Hospital over the past 32 years.  What an incredible effort sustained over such a long period of time.  You all clearly illustrate  “Woody’s ethos of “ challenging everyone you meet to get on a bike, have a go, and to be generous with your talents in helping others whenever you have the opportunity.”

CASTEMAINE ROULEURS - TEAM 220 - Very Special Team Members:

This year's Murray 2 Moyne will be a very significant ride for the team members of the "Castlemaine Rouleurs".

We lost our Co-Captain Phil Priest to illness last year and we will be riding to celebrate his Life and his contribution to his Family and the Castlemaine community.

Phil was the soul of our cycling team and through his gentle humour and thoroughness, ensured that we never lost sight of the importance of caring for each other, either on the road, or off the road, when postponing training to enjoy a few cups of coffee.

"Philbo" was always the mate that would readily go "the extra mile" without a second thought. When tiredness and fatigue were causing a few grumbles within the team, it was always Philbo's pointed humour that would focus our attention and lift our spirits.

Several of the team members were originally "conscripted" for just one charity ride and then because of Phil's vibrant personality, happily found themselves as part of a permanent family.

Phil rode in the Murray 2 Moyne charity relay for 20 years, initially with the "7-Speed Clusters", then the "8-Speed Crampsters" and then finally with the "Castlemaine Rouleurs". Phil was instrumental in raising significant amounts of money to selflessly benefit the patients of Castlemaine Health.

When the road ahead turns upward and the headwinds turn nasty, we will always think of our special mate and know that the crest is never far away.

There are two other very special people that we will also be fondly remembering as we ride down from Echuca.

Di McCoombe was our most capable Captain of the "8-Speed Crampsters" and she set the high standard of mutual respect and conviviality that we hopefully maintained with the renamed "Castlemaine Rouleurs". Dianne died from illness late last year.

Mike Grinter was a very talented and key senior member of the "Castlemaine Rouleurs" and was admired for his modest and gentle approach to Life. Mike was tragically struck and killed during a training ride for the 2018 Murray 2 Moyne.

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COVID SAFE STRATEGY: Your Personal Responsibility:
All participants are encouraged to check your vaccination status and update your Covid-19 vaccinations to those recommended by your doctor.  Teams are encouraged to follow accepted Covid-19 prevention strategies and this might include encouraging all participants to take a RAT just prior to the event in order to prevent any transmission of the virus amongst your team members.  If anyone is feeling ill or experiencing headaches or flu like symptoms, they should use the RAT prior to the event.

M2M Participants Prize's for 2024

Thank you to our very special Sponsors for donating the following event participation prizes.  The Winners will be drawn at random by M2M Officials at the finish of this years event and announced at the Port Fairy Finish Presentation.

  • Port Fairy Big 4 Caravan Park Prize No 1– Accommodation Voucher.
  • Port Fairy Big 4 Caravan Park Prize No 2 – Accommodation Voucher
  • Hearn’s Port Fairy Weekend Accommodation:  One-night voucher for a luxury one-bedroom Villa
  • Langley’s Port Fairy Weekend Accommodation: Gift Voucher to stay at one of our many holiday properties in Warrnambool or Port Fairy.
  • Winners Protein Bars and Gels - Team Prize – This prize is made up of Gels and Protein Bars from the Winners organisations and endorced by the Tour de France Winner Cadel Evans.

Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay
Over 30 wonderful years, more than 30,000 riders,
46,000 kilometers and over $20,000,000 raised.

The M2M is a community organisation established by Graham "Woody"Woodrup to provide support to Hospitals and Healthcare & Wellbeing Services.  Woody threw out the challenge to everyone he met to get on a bike and have a go, he also set the example to be generous with your talents and help others whenever you have the opportunity.

We wish thank all of our 2024 event sponsors for their support and generosity.

Sponsors: Lane Transport - Killarney, Westvic Staffing Solutions, KFC - Bird Group, Big 4 Port Fairy Caravan Park, Rebecca's Cafe & Ice Creamery, Port Fairy Electrics, Langley's Accommodation, Hearn's, Port Fairy Accommodation.

Inkind Sponsors:  Sunbeam Foods, Winners Sports Nutrition Bars & Gels  - Team Prize Pack, Warrnambool Toyota, Norton Motor Group, Callaghan Motors, Warrnambool Auto Group, McLaren - Hunt Financial Group. Taits Legal, G & M Auto Electrics, Allens Dupont Freight, Kyabram Removals,  Donehue’s Leisure - Hamilton & Mt Gambier, Warrnambool Sheet Metal. Steve Gray - Sign Writing.

M2M Supporters: Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Moyne Shire, Moyne Health Service, Stawell Primary Schools, TechInsight Web Services, Hamilton SES, Java Jive Coffee - Hamilton, Great Coffee Moments - Port Fairy, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Victoria Police.