Newsletter No 60 - 1 March 2023

Newsletter No 60 - 1 March 2023

M2M Registration Portal NOW Open

Registrations Close Tuesday 28 March 23 - 5:00 pm

Dates for the 36th M2M - Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April 2023

From the Ride Directors Desk:

Road Safety is a very important part of the M2M organisation and it is vital every member of every team fully understands the procedures to ensure a safe event for everyone.

Please take the time to review the following dot points:

  • Remember the road is not closed for you. You have to share the road with vehicular traffic and obey all road rules, eg. give way, stop signs, wear an approved helmet, etc.
  • Conventional approved handlebars only – No tri-bars of any type.
  • You need working head/tail lights IN USE attached to your bike at night.
  • Do not follow within 5 metres of another vehicle.
  • Under no circumstance should cyclists ride over the centre or double lines.
  • Obey traffic instructions given by Police Officers and/or event officials.
  • Remember it is compulsory to wear reflective clothing at night.
  • Ride as far to the left as practicable, single file on double line areas, on the crest of hills or narrow winding, or unsafe sections. No riding more than two abreast, and single out to assist passing traffic.
  • If in a large bunch of cyclists, and it is becoming unwieldy, set about reforming another bunch. No more than 20 cyclists should be in one bunch.
  • Support drivers’behaviour on the road is just as important, if not more so, than that of your cyclists. Allow plenty of distance between your vehicles and cyclists in case of having to stop in an emergency and overtake only when safe to do so.
  • Support drivers should drive as close to the left hand side of the road as possible when following riders. When other cars approach from behind, travel with left wheels in gravel if road shoulders permit, to allow vehicles to pass.
  • Under no circumstances should support vehicles use high beam at any time because of proximity to other teams, motorcycle and corner Marshalls.
  • Support drivers please be aware that only the last vehicle following a group of cyclists should have its hazard lights on at night. All other vehicles should not have hazard lights on at any time. Flashing lights on the roof of vehicles is not permitted.
  • It is mandatory that drivers wear a reflective vest for the duration of the ride.
  •  Changeovers are to take place on the Left side of the road, never on the right.
  •  Look for broad safe shoulders or parking bays, but not adjacent to double lines, on hill crests or narrow sections of road. Keep team members well off the road, well away from passing traffic.
  • Do not allow cyclists to motorpace or hang onto vehicles. Do not pass food or drinks to cyclists from moving vehicles.
  • Remember to show courtesy and consideration to the public road users at all times.

 Signage and Marshalls:

  • There will be Marshalls wearing fluorescent vests on the route and in vehicles, as well as at stationary posts. All volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable. The Marshalls do not have the authority to stop motorists; they are there for your safety. Please listen and obey their instructions. A list of names and contact phone numbers are located in the back of the"Official Ride Guide"
  • Ride Directors will be on each route, and they will have ultimate control of decisions made on their route once the ride is in progress. They will be in contact with Motorcycle Marshalls, First Aid Vehicles, Lead and Rear Vehicles, Corner Marshalls and can contact Police if necessary.
  • Motor Cycle Marshallswearing reflective vests will be moving through the ride to give assistance where necessary and to ensure cyclists and support drivers are doing the right thing.
  • Local Service Club Members and Volunteer Marshalls will be marshalling corners, danger spots etc, giving directions and assistance when needed.
  • Lead Vehicles and Rear Vehicles as well as First Aid Vehicles will be allocated to all routes.

Being Prepared and Riding the Relay:

  • Riders near the front of the ride are to stay approximately 200 – 300 metres back from the Lead Vehicle at all times. No riders are to pass or gain pace from the lead vehicles or their team will be withdrawn immediately from the event. If riders are ahead of the lead vehicle, they are deemed to be excluded from the event.
  • The Rear Vehicle will not stop for teams that pull off the road. You should ensure that you have at least one member of your team on the road at all times as in any relay event. If riders are behind the Rear Vehicles they are deemed to be excluded from the event. You must keep your team moving.
  • Ensure you complete your relay as efficiently as possible. Do not cheat by “leap frogging” or exhausting your team by having too many cyclists on at the one time. It is not a race, the ride will be stopped for a period of time if the lead is too far ahead.
  • As well as control vehicles in the area, there will be First Aid vehicles on each leg. It is compulsory to carry your own First Aid Kit for minor problems. Names and telephone contact numbers for medical emergencies are listed at the back of the "Official Ride Guide"
  • Remember to carry spare batteries and globes. Many batteries go flat with the amount of night riding needed or make sure lights are recharged.
  • Display your rider numbers at all times when riding on the road,attached to your lower back/hips for visibility. Be aware of not putting further clothing over your number.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated for the event and carry at least 1 water bottle on your bike (see Hydration Notes in the Official Ride Guide)
  • Please ensure that your cyclists are followed at all times– even single cyclists must have a support vehicle. This is a police request.
  • If you have a smaller and a larger vehicle, get the small vehicle to follow the riders and the larger vehicle to pick up or drop off and feed riders. This  improves visibility for all road users.
  • If you have a bright light attached to a trailer which you use at night at changeover points, make sure it does not shine in the eyes of on road riders and drivers from either direction.

The Starts:

Checking In – All Team Managers must check-in with the Ride Officials either 6-7pm Friday evening as nominated in the Team Manager’s Update or Saturday morning at the designated start locations. The check-in area will be set up close to each of the starting points on Saturday morning, 8:00 am. Upon check-in you will receive a package which includes this Official Ride Guide, Team Numbers for Each Rider. Plus PINK, GREEN & ORANGE stickers for vehicles and trailers and handouts.

Vehicle Number Stickers – Stickers in your team bag collected on checkin have instructions. ORANGE – for vehicles (top corner passenger windscreen & top right hand rear window) and rear right side of trailers. PINK – for ONE vehicle only routed via Penshurst (top corner drivers right side). GREEN – for ONE vehicle only  routed via Macarthur (top corner drivers right side)

Ride Briefing – A compulsory briefing for all riders and support crew will be held at 8.30 am close to the starting point at each venue. 

  • Echuca Port of Echuca Discovery Centre.
  • Mildura Fishers IGA, SUPA, 2109 15th Street,  Irymple.
  • Swan Hill - Barry Steggall Park, Parkside Avenue, off the Sea Lake to Swan Hill Road - (New 2023)

The briefing will be attended by representatives of Victoria Police, and also allows us to introduce to you the people who are there to ensure the safe conduct of the ride and to explain their roles. Please obey any instructions they give.

HAMILTON & PORT FAIRY:  Hamilton is a Compulsory Stop.

  • Follow your map instructions and signs to the Hamilton Showgrounds – follow M2M signs – entry at Shakespeare Street.
  • EVERY team must sign in at Hamilton before going to alternate accommodation – officials need to know you have arrived. Phone or  text  if staying out of town (Peter Goy 0429 167 146 or  :  Sue Goy 0438 217 260). There are officials to assist you with location of toilets and showers.
  • Hot showers are available in Hamilton at HILAC Centre (see officials on checkin) and Port Fairy at Belfast Aquatic Centre on Campbell Street.  (Gold Coin Donation)
  • Breakfast (5.30–6.45am) for sale at Hamilton Showgrounds – Lions Club supply hot food and drinks. Java Jive Coffey Van—Expresso Coffee
  • Refer to route instructions from Hamilton to Port Fairy in the Ride Guide
  • Be aware of the route you are taking on Sunday morning – either Penshurst or Macarthur.  Team Captains are notified of the route by an e-mail a week prior to the event and via information in the team pack you received on Frid night or Sat morning.
  • Only ONE designated vehicle to follow your team from Hamilton to Port Fairy. This vehicle must have either a Green stickerif you are taking the route to Macarthur or a Pink Sticker if you are taking the route to Penshurst.
  • Please remember there is a route from Hamilton to Port Fairy for non designated vehicles down the Mt. Napier Road if you leave after 7am.  Refer to Route in Official Ride Guide.
  • Plan your changeovers from Hamilton to Port Fairy carefully as there will be one vehicle only permitted to follow.
  • When leaving on Sunday, BE ON TIME. If you did not stay at the showgrounds - enter the showgrounds from the Shakespeare Street gate entrance where you registered on arrival last evening.  Ride through the showgrounds and gather at the Horner Street gate at the other end for departure.
  • Ride carefully and safely from Hamilton to Port Fairy as there will be a lot of cyclists on this stretch.
  • Port Fairy – All Murray to Moyne officials will be off duty by 11.30am so to make it on time, keep the relay going and a member of your team on the road at all times.
  • 11.30am sharp Railway Place Port Fairy –Award Presentation. (Please make a special effort this year to attend the presentation)
  • IMPORTANT— Sign in and Collect your Medals from the M2M Tent near the finish line. (We need to know your Team has arrived safely). 
  • Hot food, coffee, refreshments available at Railway Place Port Fairy.
  • Hot showers are in the first amenities block at Belfast Aquatic Centre on Campbell Street – for a gold coin donation.
  • Parking – vehicles not following riders on arrival in Port Fairy will be directed to parking in Railway Place. Support vehicles following the cyclists if possible can park with their teams in Railway Place if space is available otherwise there is street parking available in close vicinity to the finishing area.

On Route Catering:

Mildura Route:  Dinner Meals available via Beulah Primary School - Order Forms will be sent out in the next week or so.  You can eat in or get to go!  Many teams order these meals for the team and this reduces their time off the road - As Beulah is exactly half way between Mildura and Hamilton, some teams feel its a great time to top up on Calories.

Swan Hill Route:  Rapid Relief Team will provide Breakfast and Coffee at the New Start Location in Barry Steggall Park, Parkside Avenue, off the Sea Lake to Swan Hill Road - (New 2023).

Echuca Route: Rapid Relief Team will provide Breakfast and Coffee at the Start.  New Dinner option is being organised for Stawell.  The Stawell Primary Schools are looking to provide a BBQ at the Woolworths Car Park as you enter the main street.  Full menu will be available in the next week or so !

Hamilton to Port Fairy - Via Macarthur Route:  Macarthur Lions Club will be offering Egg & Bacon Rolls, Pancakes, and Tea / Coffee.  Toilets available in Lions Park.

Hamilton to Port Fairy - Via Penshurst Route:  Hawkesdale CERT Unit are offering homemade Cakes, scones and slices plus Tea / Coffey.  Donations for the Hawkesdale Critical Emergency Response Team.  Toilets available on the right just as you enter the town on the right - next to the swimming pool

Covid Safe Strategy: Your Personal Responsibility.
All participants are encouraged to check your vaccination status and update your Covid-19 vaccinations to those recommended by your doctor.  Teams are encouraged to follow accepted Covid-19 prevention strategies and this might include encouraging all participants to take a RAT test just prior to the event in order to prevent any transmission of the virus amongst your team members.  If anyone is feeling ill or experiencing headaches or flu like symptoms, they should use the RAT test prior to the event. 

The Graham Woodrup Memorial Award:

Each year 'The Graham Woodrup Memorial Award' is made to recognised a special contributor to the ethos of Graham and the M2M Cycle Relay. 

The award is presented to someone who has displayed 'exceptional effort and inspiration' to others in the course of his/her team's involvement with the Murray to Moyne, In memory of 'Woody'.

Who is eligible for the award?

Any person associated with the Murray to Moyne, as a Rider, Support Crew or Event Volunteer. All potential recipients of the award (nominees) are required to be present at the Final Presentation Ceremony in Port Fairy on Sunday 2 April.

Criteria - Exceptional effort and inspiration:

Graham Woodrup or Woody as he was fondly called, was a visionary. He had a dynamic and enthusiastic personality, inspiring others by example to be generous with their talents by using them to help others. These characteristics epitomise this award for 'exceptional effort and inspiration to others'.

Please check the M2M Website for Details and the criteria dot points required !

Nominations are to be received by 5 pm,  Saturday 11 March 2023.

2023 Team Registration:   How to Register Your Team ?

The Captains need to Register the Team and themselves first.  Once this is completed, Team Captains will e-mail members of the team a link and password - inviting team members to Register.  Team Captains can also login and check the progress of your teams registration. ie Who has and who has not registered.

Please follow the guideline as outlined on the M2M Website.

Team Captains should also be aware that your E-mail systems sometimes send the Team Registration Confirmation E-mail to the "Junk" folder. So if you cannot find it - check your "Junk" or "Spam" Folders !

Please Note:  When an individual Registers - it does take some seconds for the process to work.  Press the Submit button only once - as we have had a couple people get impatient and keep pressing the Submit button - resulting in multiple payments.  These are refunded - but you don't need the hassle !

M2M Website:

Team Captains- If your Team is reaching some significant Milestones this year please E-mail these to the M2M Newsletter Editor and we will be sure to include these achievements in our Newsletter and the at the final Presentation in Port Fairy.  For Example:  Your Teams 15th or 20th Ride; Individual rider 10th, 20th or 30th Ride, or any other special achievement.

If you are a new or inexperienced Team Captain - Please call us at the M2M Headquarters and we can assist you with any questions or advice you might require.  Phone:  0467 788 765.


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We wish thank all of our 2023 event sponsors for their support and generosity.

Sponsors: Westvic Staffing Solutions, KFC - Bird Group, Big 4 Port Fairy Caravan Park, Rebecca's Cafe & Ice Creamery, Port Fairy Electrics, Langley's Accommodation, Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation.

Inkind Sponsors:  Carman's Kitchen, Sunbeam Foods, Coats Hire - Warrnambool, Winners Sports Nutrition Bars & Gels  - Team Prize Pack, Warrnambool Toyota, Norton Motor Group, Callaghan Motors, Warrnambool Auto Group, Norton Ford, Mclaren - Hunt Financial Group. Taits Legal, G & M Auto Electrics, Allens Freight, Kyabram Removals,  Donehue’s Leisure - Hamilton, Warrnambool Sheet Metal. Steve Gray - Sign Writing.

M2M Supporters: Rapid Relief Team, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Beulah Primary School, Moyne Shire, Moyne Health Service, Stawell Primary Schools, TechInsight Web Services, Hamilton SES, Java Jive Coffee - Hamilton, Great Coffee Moments - Port Fairy, Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay
Over 30 wonderful years, more than 30,000 riders, 
46,000 kilometers and $20,000,000 raised.

The M2M is a community organisation established by Graham "Woody" Woodrup to provide support to Hospitals and Healthcare & Wellbeing Services.  Woody threw out the challenge to everyone he met to get on a bike and have a go, he also set the example to be generous with your talents and help others whenever you have the opportunity.