Newsletter No 51 - 10 March 2022

Newsletter No 51 - 10 March 2022

Registrations Now Open

Registrations Close - Tuesday 22 March (Time Running Out)

35th Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay: 

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April 22.

Registration Portal Open:

Team Captains are reminded to Register your Team First, Then yourself (set a Team Password) and then E-mail the Team Password to all your Team members - Remember all support members need to be Registered.

Ride Update:
New Swan Hill Route Start:  The start will this year be at the Riverside Park – Monash Drive, Swan Hill. Parking located along Monash Drive and Toilets located in the park.  This location is right alongside the Murray River.  The Showgrounds site is being used this year for Covid-19 testing.
Catering on Route Options.

  • Echuca Route:  The Rapid Relief (RRT) organisation have confirmed they will supply Breakfast at the start for Echuca.  Note:  RRT are not able to provide Dinner in Stawell – as in past years.
  • Swan Hill Route:  Rapid Relief – Start of Swan Hill – Breakfast.  Dunmunkle Lodge – Minyip – Must pre-order using the Order Form.  
  • Mildura Route:  Beulah Primary School – Dinner – Must pre-order using the order form.  Although this option might seem early for dinner – it is exactly half way between Mildura and Hamilton.  Some teams collect their order as a takeaway and eat later down the road.  It beats cooking !!  
  • Menus and order forms for these catering arrangements have already been sent out to Team Captains – Also available on the M2M Website under the “News” Tab.
Hamilton Compulsory Stop:  At the Show Grounds, the Lions Club will provide breakfast (Egg & Bacon rolls etc) before the ride commences from Hamilton to Port Fairy.  Java Jive Mobile Coffee has come on board this year and will provide expresso coffee from about 5:30 am  

Hamilton to Port Fairy Via Macarthur:  Lions will provide a welcome energy boost with pancakes, egg and bacon rolls plus tea and coffee in the Lions Park (Toilets on Left opposite Post Office).  

Hamilton to Port Fairy Via Hawkesdale:  Toilets on right at Swimming Pool as you enter the town.

Reminder:  Our objective is to keep the ride from the front to the rear at about 60 kms (Max)  Therefore:  Ride Directors can make an Interim STOP for about 20 to 30 minutes to allow the gap to be reduced.  In recent years this has been at the following locations:  Mildura Route – Warracknabeal; Swan Hill Route – Minyip; and Echuca Route – Stawell.  (Ideal for a quick meal break).

Start Times from the Murray River Start Points and from Hamilton will be sent out soon after normal registrations close on 22 March.  This will also include the routes each team will follow from Hamilton to Port Fairy - via either Penshurst or via Macarthur.

Team Check In & Team Bag Collection for each route can be made with your Ride Directors either:  Friday Night – 1 April from 6:00pm to 7:00pm or on Saturday Morning, 2 April from 7:45am to 8:30am.  
The Team Check In & Bag Collection Locations are:

Mildura Route:  Fishers IGA Carpark, South End. 2111-2019 Fifteenth Street - Irymple. For both Friday night or Saturday morning.

Swan Hill Route:  Riverside Park, Monash Drive - Swan Hill.    For both Friday night or Saturday morning.

Echuca Route:   Friday Night (pm) Paddlewheel Motel, 385 - 389 High Street, Echuca  or Saturday (am)  Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, Murray Esplanade, Echuca. 

What's included in the Team Bags ?  All your Vehicle Identification stickers, Your Team Numbers & safety pins and sponsors products plus a copy of the Official Ride Guide,   
This year the bags will also include a folder with your Team Covid Declarations.  These need to be completed - either on Friday Night or Saturday Morning and returned to your Ride Director at the Saturday morning - Team Captains Briefing at 8:40 am at the Official Start Locations.

From the Ride Directors Desk - Reminders to Team Captains, Riders and Drivers.
  • Riders who will be riding at dusk should be carrying lights and be able to turn these on once the official lighting up time occurs.  Lights MUST be located on the bike and not on a helmet or person (as per the road law). Riders and team support should have the correct Fluoro vest for night riding.  That is - the vest has some reflective element to shine at night.  Lighting-up Times:   Sunset: Saturday 2 April = 7:13 pm Sunrise: Sunday 3 April = 6:13 am.
  • Motor Cycle Marshals are strategically placed along the M2M route.  They are there to assist riders and teams with any emergencies and to ensure you are all following correct safety procedures and heading in the correct direction.  Please follow a Motorcycle Marshall’s directions as they have your safety as their prime responsibility.  Most charity bike rides do not have Motorcycle Marshalls and they are there for the safe running of the event and to ensure we comply with all VicRoads and VicPol requirements. Remember – the Marshalls are there to assist you and your team, they are all volunteers, use their own bikes, so please respect them in their role.
  • Team Drivers – Please ensure you stop in a safe place and not just anywhere along the side of the road. (Many teams stop exactly where the kilometer mark comes up).  This is not necessarily the safest place to get off the road.  Remember – your team members need space to get their bikes off trailers and get organised, so you need room and you need to be off the road. Safety comes First !! 
  • Riders after dark should NOT be riding on their own – support drivers should be behind the rider at all times.  This is an important safety requirement.

A Covid Safe M2M:
Reminders to all participants of our Covid Safe Strategy for the M2M,  Please check the Website (Under the News Tab) for the full details.  Here is a brief summary.

Team Management Procedure:
All ride participants are required to be double vaccinated with a recommended Covid-19 vaccination.  We also recommend participants receive the Covid-19 booster prior to the 2022 M2M.  All ride participants will be required to have their vaccination status verified by M2M Officials, up to 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event.

All participants (Riders & Support Crew), MUST complete the Covid-19 Health Declaration less than 24 hours before the start of the event.  The Declarations will be provided to Team Captains in a separate folder via the team packs, that are collected either on Friday night (preferably) or Saturday morning from the Ride Directors.  All Participants must return the completed Declarations to the Ride Director before the event commences at 8:30 am.

We are recommending that Team Captains follow the process outlined below.
  • Step 1:  Collect Team Bags including the individual Covid Declaration Forms from your Ride Director at the Start location - either Friday night or Saturday morning.
  • Step 2:  All Team members complete the Covid Declaration Form.
  • Step 3:  Each participant lines up and hand back the completed Covid Declaration and show their Covid Vaccination Status (Green Tick) using either your phone or via a paper vaccination certificate.
We are recommending this is completed when you collect the Team Bags on the Friday night (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm) or Saturday morning from (7:45 am to 8:30 am).

Team Buses should ensure high touch surfaces are sanitised during the ride.  These high touch surfaces on the bus / vehicle should be regularly cleaned throughout the event.
Ride finish:  When teams roll into the Port Fairy Finish, teams are encouraged to social distance while attending the “Official Presentation” at Railway Place.

M2M Presentation – Railway Place Port Fairy - Celebrate 35 Years of the M2M !!
Once again the M2M will be making some very special presentations at the finish of this years ride.  Music will be provided along with some BBQ fair and refreshments provided by the Port Fairy Rotary Club.  We were not able to conduct the presentation in 2021, so please include this into your planning – attending the presentation – Its important to recognise milestones and the special efforts of the M2M community.

Sponsors Contribution:  Prizes for Participants.
This year has had its challenges, but thanks to our very generous sponsors we are able to offer the following M2M participants prizes.  The M2M Committee will randomly draw participants names or Team names based on their M2M Registration No – soon after the event has concluded on Sunday 3 April.  Winners will be announced at the presentation and via a special edition of the M2M Newsletter.
  • Big 4 Caravan Park, Port Fairy – Accommodation voucher X 2, Valued at $150 each.
  • Accommodation Voucher in Port Fairy provided by Langley’s Accommodation Service. Voucher Valued at $250.
  • 2 Night Stay for 2 at a Port Fairy Accommodation provided by Hearns Accommodation Service. Valued at $550.00
    • (Note Conditions apply – eg Not available during public or school holidays)
  • Team Prize - Winner’s Bars & Gels Pack.

Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay
Over 30 wonderful years, more than 30,000 riders, 
46,000 kilometers and $20,000,000 raised.


The M2M is a community organisation established by Graham "Woody" Woodrup to provide support to Hospitals and Healthcare Services.  Woody threw out the challenge to everyone he met to get on a bike and have a go, he also set the example to be generous with your talents and help others whenever you have the opportunity.