Newsletter No 29 - 8 January 2020

Newsletter No 29 - 8 January 2020

Special Update:  

The M2M is pleased to announce that we have re-established our new e-mail and team registration system You may have been aware that we have been caught up in a cyber attack on our host IT system - Barwon Health and South West Hospitals.  At no time has our software or data been attacked, but rather our ability to access our e-mails and our ability to verify team registrations.  Team Registrations are now being processed normally.   

Team Captains:  If you have registered your team, you should now have received your E-mail links, so your team members can now register.  Once you receive our Registration Confirmation E-mail - please send it on to your team members so they can register. 

Remember:  All members of your Team MUST be Registered including Support Drivers, Assistants etc.  You are NOT covered for insurance unless you are Registered.

Reminder:  Early Bird Registration Prize:  We have extended the Early Bird Registration to Sunday 12 January 2020.  We will announce the winner ASAP after 12 January.