Newsletter No 28 – Nov / Dec 2019

Newsletter No 28 – Nov / Dec 2019


Special Notice:  The M2M is experiencing some communications issues due to the cyber attack on the Western Victorian Hospital networks.  As a result, we have not been able to confirm the last few Team Registrations - or send E-mails, but we are assured this issue will be resolved in the next few days. 
Team Captains:  If you have registered your Team and not received the Registration Link please be patient as we are working on it.

Early Bird Registration Prize:  We have therefore extended the Early Bird Registration to Sunday 12 January 2020.


34th Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay: 
Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April – 2020.

Teams can now commence organising Registration for the 34rd ride.  

Note:  Victorian School Holidays:  Saturday 28 March to Tuesday 14 April 2020.

Note:  Easter Public Holidays:  Good Friday, 10 April.  Easter Sunday, 12 April. Easter Monday, 13 April 2020.

Online Registration Timetable:  

Early Bird Registrations:  Open Now, Close Sunday 12 January 2020. ($10 Discount).

Normal Registrations:  Open Saturday 17 December, Close Sunday 31 March 2020.


New Teams & New Team Managers:
If you are a member of a new team – Please note the following Top Ten Hints:

  • Your Team rides the whole distance – 520 Kms.
  • Individuals ride in a relay and a team member must have been on the road over the total distance.
  • Most individuals ride a total of 150kms or 200 kms in relay sections.  Some ride 25 or 30 km sections with a partner and then change over to a new pair of riders – this is repeated the whole distance.  There is no minimum distance for an individual rider – it’s all up to you and your team.  Planning the changeovers is important!
  • All teams will need some way of transporting their bikes to the start point and to hold bikes when someone is not on the road.  This is usually achieved by organising a trailer well before the event.  Run a special event to raise some funds for this purpose or if you are sponsored by a Company – they might like to contribute to a trailer for the team.
  • Most teams and riders use road bikes for this event as the whole route is on paved roads.
  • All teams and all riders MUST follow the road rules, all riders MUST wear reflective tops at night and use quality lights both front and back and all riders MUST wear bike helmets at all times when riding.  Safety is most important – for you and your fellow riders.
  • Many experienced teams pre-organise their meals – especially the dinner on Saturday afternoon / evening via Dunmunckle Lodge (Minyip),  Bealula Primary School or the Rapid Relief Team.  This takes pressure off the team organisers and is a pleasant break for everyone off the road (Detail and menus in a later newsletter). 
  • When the team stops for dinner – many teams keep at least 1 rider on the road – so that you keep the team in motion.  To do this the rider or riders need to organise to have their dinner earlier or later than the bulk of your team.  Remember the distance from the lead car to the rear car cannot be more than 60 kms – so you don’t want to lose time on the road by having a dinner stop for all riders at one time.
  • All Teams are required to STOP in Hamilton.  Many teams stay at the Check In Point at the Hamilton Show Grounds (showers are available across the road at the Indoor pool), but some teams have also organised to stay overnight in motels or other types of accommodation.
  • For the morning ride from Hamilton to Port Fairy, many teams have all members of the team on the road.  Morning tea such as hot pancakes are available at Macarthur or Hawkesdale (depending upon which route you are allocated). 
  • When you arrive in Port Fairy – The town comes out to welcome you and most teams all ride in together to the applause of the community.  Your chest gets bigger the further you ride in and at the finish you can have a great moment with all your fellow team members as you receive your medallions. 
    Wow we made it !   What a Ride ! 
    What a great Achievement !

Early Bird Registration Prize:
Again we are delighted that Hearn’s Port Fairy Accommodation will provide 2 nights accommodation for 2 at one of their premium properties.
Once the Early Bird Registration Closes, One registered participants name will be drawn to WIN a weekend for 2 at one of Hearn’s Fabulous Beachside properties.  You have to be in it to WIN it.

Team Managers: 
Please note that the minimum age for participants is 14 years and 9 months, as at 4th April 2020. 
We also recommend that all team members have Ambulance Insurance Cover – In the unfortunate circumstance that you are involved in a mishap – then you do not need another big $$$ surprise. 

If you have any questions: 
Please contact: M2M Administrator via phone 0467 788 765 or email: