Newsletter No 23 - February 2019

Newsletter No 23 - February 2019

Over 30 wonderful years, more than 30,000 riders, 

46,000 kilometers and $20,000,000 raised.

Registrations Close Sunday 31 March 2019.

From the Ride Directors Desk: 

Reminders to Team Captains, Riders and Drivers.

The M2M provides riders of all abilities with the physical challenge to cover the full distance in not much more than 24 hours as a team in relay. It is NOT a Race!

  • The Ride Director on each leg will have ultimate control of decisions to be made once the ride is in progress. He or she will have radio contact with Motorcycle Marshals, Lead and Rear Vehicles, Medical Vehicles and can contact the Police if necessary.
  • Riders looking for more of a challenge can increase the distance of their relay sections or try riding a double shift. In the interests of safety and a directive from the Police, teams found racing will be stopped. No full distance riders are permitted.
  • For safety, we want the distance from the front of the ride to the back to be no more than 60 kms, so if too many riders sit on the Lead Vehicle it may need to stop to allow the Rear Vehicle to catch up and keep the ride within the 60 km range.  This occurred on each route last year, so riders need to keep this in mind. It is NOT a race!
  • In order to keep the relay moving down the road at a reasonable pace, teams need to keep some riders on the road at all times – ie, during the dinner break, the whole team should not stop.  Please stagger those having a meal with those who keep riding.  In this way you keep your team moving and this helps keep the ride within the 60 distance range. 
  • Teams should not waste time on changeovers.  You should be aiming to have your fresh riders ready to go as soon as your team comes along.   They need to be ready and organised!
  • Teams should not have too many riders on the road at the one time, to ensure riders get enough rest before they do their next stint. You need riders to pace with, but you can join into a bunch with other teams of similar ability, so, 2 to 3 riders at a time means that your team does not have to changeover as often, thereby conserving energy. 
  • Riding 1 hour on and 3 hours off would mean each rider would cover approximately 130kms out of the full 520km ride. If there are stronger riders in the team, they may elect to do longer relays, giving weaker riders a longer rest. No set distance is laid down for relaying, and change overs may be altered to suit the location of towns, wayside stops and riders' ability, but 20 to 30 kilometres is generally a comfortable distance for each riding stint.
  • Medical unitswill be strategically placed throughout the ride, but it is advised for all teams to carry their own First Aid equipment.
  • Riders who will be riding at dusk should be carrying lights and be able to turn these on once the official lighting up time occurs.  Lights MUST be located on the bike and not on a helmet or person (as per Victorian road law).
  • Riders and team support should have the correct Fluro vest for night riding.  That is - the vest has some reflective element to shine at night!
  • Motor Cycle Marshalls are strategically placed along the M2M route.  They are there to assist riders and teams with any emergencies and to ensure you are all following correct safety procedures and heading in the correct direction.  Please follow the Motorcycle Marshall’s directions as they have your safety as their prime responsibility.  Most charity bike rides do not have Motorcycle Marshalls and they are there for the safe running of the event and to ensure we comply with all VicRoads and VicPol requirements. Remember – the Marshalls are there to assist you and your team, they are all volunteers and use their own bikes, so please respect them in their role.
  • Team Drivers – Please ensure you stop in a safe place and not just anywhere along the side of the road. (Many teams stop exactly where the kilometre mark comes up).  This is not necessarily the safest place to get off the road.  Remember – your team members need space to get their bikes off trailers and get organised, so you need room and you need to be off the road. Safety comes First!!
  • Don't hesitate to ask the M2M Administrator, a competitive cyclist or someone who has done this ride before for help with your training, bike set-up, food, clothing, etc.
  • Sunset: Saturday 6 April = 7:07 pm           Sunrise: Sunday 7 April = 6:38 am 


Graham Woodrup Memorial Award – 2019– Please think about nominating someone special!

Each year 'The Graham Woodrup Memorial Award' recognises someone who has displayed 'exceptional effort and inspiration' to others in the course of his/her team's involvement with the Murray to Moyne, In memory of 'Woody'.

Who is eligible for the award?

Any person associated with the Murray to Moyne, as a Rider, Support Crew or Event Volunteer. All potential recipients of the award (nominees) are required to be present at the Final Presentation Ceremony in Port Fairy on Sunday 7 April 2019.

Criteria - Exceptional effort and inspiration:

Graham Woodrup or ‘Woody’ as he was fondly known, was a visionary. He had a dynamic and enthusiastic personality, inspiring others by example to be generous with their talents by using them to help others. These characteristics epitomise this award for 'exceptional effort and inspiration to others'.

Nominations should address the following criteria:

  • A person who has overcome difficult circumstances to participate in or be associated with the M2M.
  • A person who has inspired others by their actions and commitment to the M2M.
  • A person who, through the M2M, has motivated others to get on a bike and have a go!
  • A person who has encouraged others through the M2M to fundraise for a hospital or health related organisation.
  • A person who has contributed significantly to the M2M at a team level.
  • Go to the Website for more details about nominating someone special.

2018 Awardee:  Lester Campbell (Warrnambool College Team 12)

 Full nomination details can be found at the M2M Website:

Ride Update:  The 33rd Year. 

Catering en route options as of early February.

  • Echuca Route:  Rapid Relief Team have confirmed they will supply catering at the following venues for this year’s ride.  Start of Echuca – Breakfast.  Dinner at Stawell for the Echuca ride.
  • Swan Hill Route:  Rapid Relief Team – Start of Swan Hill – Breakfast.  Dunmunkle Lodge at Minyip – Dinner.
  • Mildura Route:  Beulah Primary School – Dinner – Relaxing venue, great food, cool drinks and great facilities – 
  • We will send out menus and order forms for these catering arrangements ASAP.
  • Hamilton Compulsory Stop:  At the Show Grounds, the Lions Club will provide breakfast (Egg & Bacon rolls etc) before the ride commences from Hamilton to Port Fairy.
  • Hamilton to Port Fairy Via Macarthur:  The Lions Club of Macarthur will provide pancakes, egg and bacon rolls and hot drinks.  This proved very popular last year and the Lions will be setting up in the Lions Park, Main Street.
  • Hamilton to Port Fairy Via Hawkesdale:  Waiting on information re catering for 2019.
  • Team Captains:  Please ensure your members are registering – Once registered, our Newsletters will be sent automaticallyvia e-mail - being informed in a timely manner is vital to any efficient organisation. 
  • All previous Newsletters are located at:

Team Biographies:

The M2M Committee would like to include more Team Bio’s on the website, so if you would like to submit some information about your team, please do so.  Some guidelines include:

  • Who initiated the team and when was the team established?  Official Team Name and M2M Team number?
  • Why was the team established – who are you raising funds for?  How have the funds raised been used?
  • Do you have any notable experiences from the M2M relay – what do you enjoy most / least about the ride? 
  • What fundraising activities have you run and how successful are they!
  • How has your team’s fitness improved as a result of the relay ie how much training does the team do, how often; All year or just in the months before the ride?
  • Have you had any funny / amusing events occur as a result of participating in the relay?

M2M Welcomes the following New Teams Riding in 2019

Team 3011. C - Collective is a new team set up by Neil Corcoran (Captain). The team is a grassroots youth support service for young people affected by trauma based in Footscray. The team objective is to raise about $25,000 to assist in providing services for the non-profit organisation. So far the Team of 10 riders has raised $11,000. Say hello to Neil and the team on the road.

Team 570.  The Devondalers are now the Bega Bunch - due to a change of ownership of the Koroit Milk factory.  Riding for the Hawkesdale Critical Emergency Response Team.

Team 907.Greenwedge is a team of 9 riders and supporters who ride for the Cheshire Primary School. It was set up for children with significant social, emotional and behavioral issues, in Glen Waverley. The school is one of the programs of “Best Chance Child Family Care,” a not-for-profit organisation providing support for children and families since 1895. Say hello to Shaun Grigg and his buddies riding for Greenwedge.

Registration Timetable:

Normal Registrations: 

Close Sunday 31 March 2019.

If you have any questions: 

Please contact:

M2M Administrator via email:

or phone 0467 788 765


Big Thanks to all our Volunteer groups and commercial sponsors for all your assistance