Newsletter No 11: September 2017

Newsletter No 11: September 2017

Newsletter No 11 – September 2017Why Not try the Swan Hill

“The Heart of the Murray"

Early Bird Registration Prize

Swan Hill Ride:  Try a Different Start Point – Well worth it !

Swan Hill is a Rural City in the heart of the Murray Riverland of about 20,000 people.  It has a highly developed tourist economy along with the regional agricultural activities that generate high value produce (clean and green) worth over $285 Mil.  These activities including the biggest almond farms in the southern hemisphere, the largest Australian concentration of fresh stone fruit, pistachios, olives, citrus, table grapes and after Sunraysia, the second largest wine grape production region in Victoria. The municipality has a reputation for the production of consistent yields of quality grains (wheat, barley) and growing high-quality disease-free fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Swan Hill is home to the iconic Pioneer Settlement and a great way to experience the old world charm of this village on the banks of the “Mighty Murray”.

Cruise along the Murray River aboard the PS Pyap as it winds its way along the river.

On a warm autumn night, position yourself at one of the many outdoor eateries in town, sit back and enjoy the local food and wine as you chat with your team members and get yourself psyched up for the M2M Cycle Relay.

The Swan Hill route is noted for its exceptional scenery, undulating hills, varied directions and especially low traffic volumes.  The roads are good and a large range of accommodation options in the Rural City.  The pubs are good value for your team dinner and if you look at the direction of the route, you will NOT be facing a head wind all the way to Horsham! 

For more information contact

Swan Hill Region Information Centre 

Phone: (03) 5032 3033
Freecall (in Australia): 1800 625 373.  Email:

New Teams for 2018:

The M2M Welcomes:  Jesuit Social Services M2M Team for the 2018 ride. We all look forward to seeing your Team on the road!

Training Tips Murray to Moyne 2018

It is a little over 6 months to the Murray to Moyne, and with spring upon us, it is now the ideal time to think about your training preparation for the event on the 7thand 8thApril 2018.  Some of you will be experienced seasoned cyclists and continually in training, with a high level of fitness.  At the other extreme, some of you will have done little cycling, and are planning get a team together for the first time to meet the challenge of the Murray to Moyne, and raise much needed funds for our health services.  Consequently, no one training plan is going to suit everyone.

Being this far out from the event, I am going to concentrate this article on those cyclists with little experience, so that if you can start your training now you should be able to attain a high level of fitness by the time the Murray to Moyne comes around.  I will assume you have an appropriate road bike that suits you and that your position has been correctly setup.  Make sure you seek proper advice on these matters to avoid injury and for your training to be effective, and please contact me if you have need assistance with this.

Simply just start riding your bike as much as you can by getting in what is called the “base miles”. This should be an enjoyable period, do not worry about going fast at this stage.  At this point of time you need your body to get used to the demands of cycling, to strengthen your muscles, and to gradually develop your cardiovascular system.  Your aim is to gradually increase the distance you ride, at an intensity where you can easily chat with your cycling partner (if you are lucky enough to have one).  Smell the roses, enjoy the scenery and the simple pleasure of riding a bike.  The more you ride the fitter you will get, which will set you up for higher intensity training later on.  Gradually increase the distance every week, with no more than 10% extra on the longest ride you are capable of each week.  Try to get at least one long ride in during the week, mixed with shorter rides throughout the week as time permits.  At this stage, the more rides (frequency) that you can do the better. You are not placing too much stress on the body. Don’t overdo it, rest if you are tired. A day off does wonders, too.

You can do this period of training for about 6-8 weeks before moving onto faster training, but this depends on your schedule and how much time you can devote to training.  I look at this period of training as putting money in the bank, building up your balance of kilometres so that you can draw on it later with your more intense training when you need to reap in the interest, and draw on the balance a bit.

Further, while doing this type of riding you can develop your cycling and bunch riding skills.  You need to learn to pedal efficiently and to ride safely in a bunch.  Aim to pedal at a cadence of 90 to 95 revolutions per minute (a cycling computer helps).  Build up to it. Your average for each ride will be lower as freewheeling etc. lowers it.  There are many aspects of safe bunch riding, far too much to go into with this article, which I will try to address later.  If you can, learn from more experienced cyclists in your area, be respectful, regardless of their age, some of them have a wealth of experience to share and are only too happy to offer advice if you ask.  The main point I will make about safe bunch riding is to concentrate 110%, look ahead, do not look away while talking to the rider next to you, and anticipate what the rider in front and ahead of them are doing, so that you do not have to take extreme action if a situation arises. The smoother you can ride the better.

To happy and safe riding.

Jeff McLean

Early Bird Registration Prize:

Again we are delighted to announce that Hearn’s Port Fairy Accommodation will provide a nights accommodation for 2 at one of their premium properties.  Once the Early Bird Registration Closes, one name will be drawn to WIN a weekend for 2 at one of Hearn’s Fabulous Beachside properties. 

The prize will be given to the Team do with as they wish.  Many Teams use the Prize as part of a raffle to raise funds for the team or maybe one of your members deserves special recognition for all their fundraising effort, support on the road for many years etc.  It’s up to Your Team.  Therefore, if you have more team members registered by 17 December, the more chance your team has to win the Prize. 

Google Reviews:  Ashley Barnard2 months ago:  Just incredible place! Amazing to wake up to the waves every morning. Nice secluded beach to walk along as well!

Visit Hearn’s Website:

Hearn’s Accommodation:  Phone:  03 5568 3150.  E-mail:

Dates for the 32nd Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay:

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 April – 2018.

Note:  Victorian School Holidays:  Friday 30 March to Sunday 15 April.

Note:  Easter Public Holidays:  Good Friday, 30 March.  Easter Saturday, 31 April. Easter Sunday, 1 April. Easter Monday, 2 April.