Newsletter No 7: March 2017 - Registrations Close 10 March 2017

Newsletter No 7: March 2017 - Registrations Close 10 March 2017


Team Captains - Are all your riders / drivers and support team Registered?

Registrations close March 10th

Ride Update:  The 31st Year. 

The Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay Welcomes the following new teams for 2017.

  • The Melbourne High School – Riding for the Australian Red Cross.
  • River Riders, Echuca – Riding for Echuca Regional Health.
  • The Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne – Riding for the Royal Children’s Hospital.
  • Be22QAware, Melbourne – Riding for Royal Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services.
  • DCH, Melbourne – Riding for Darebin Community Health Services.
  • HLS, Colac – Riding for Colac Area Health Foundation.
  • HypoActive – Riding for Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Ride 4 Tara J – Riding for Cerebral Palsy.
  • Maldon M2M Team – Riding for Maldon Hospital.
  • Team Harmony – Riding for the Blue Ribbon Foundation (Mildura Base Hospital).

Catering Arrangements:

Echuca Ride:  Breakfast menu supplied by the Rapid Relief Team. 

  • Egg & Bacon Rolls, Fresh Fruit, Orange and Apple Juice and water bottles. 

Swan Hill Ride:  Breakfast menu supplied by the Rapid Relief Team. 

Mildura Ride:  Dinner Menu supplied by Beulah Primary School. 

  • Relaxing venue, great food, great facilities – Order forms sent out in previous mail out. 

Compulsory Hamilton Stop - Lions Club of Hamilton:

  • Will provide a BBQ and soup at the Hamilton Show Grounds well into the night and Breakfast before the ride commences from Hamilton to Port Fairy. 

Final Stop:  Port Fairy:  Port Fairy Rotary will provide a BBQ lunch.

  • Plus the usual array of catering facilities available, including Rebecca’s Café, Coffey Moments, etc.

From the Ride Directors Desk:

Reminders to Team Captains, Riders, Drivers.

  • Team Captains should be checking all your Team members are Registered. To do this you need to open up the Team Captains portal and check who has completed their Registration.  An URGENT reminder is now necessary!!

The M2M Committee wish all teams well in your fundraising.

Please let us know if your team is reaching a Special Milestone.  Ie 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th 25th or even 30th ride. 

It might be a special amount for your fundraising activities!  We will publish this in the next Newsletter. 

Just E-mail Lou our Administrator:

Graham Woodrup Memorial Award – 2017 – Please think about nominating someone special!

Each year 'The Graham Woodrup Memorial Award' is recognised by a special award being presented to someone who has displayed 'exceptional effort and inspiration' to others in the course of his/her team's involvement with the Murray to Moyne, In Memory of Woody.

Full nomination details can be found at the M2M Website

Teams Bios:  Have a look at the Website for the latest Bio:  Riding 4 Youth.

M 2 M Quiz No 2:  Which Team has the highest number of participants / members ?

  • Is it the Warrnambool Lattes ?  Back for 2017 and always well organised!
  • What About Port Fairy “Belfast Bikers” Team 1B ?  Is there a competition for members between teams in Port Fairy – Who is paying Who to ride for them ?
  • Colac Cranksalways has a big team, what about this year ?
  • South Gippsland Hospital Mooverstravel a long way, but how many do they bring with them ? 
  • Melbourne High Schoolhas an enrolment of 1384 students. How many are part of the team ? 

 Please send your answers to:

M 2 M Quiz No 1: Which Team travels the greatest distance to participate in the M2M ? 

How many Ks do they travel ?  Some Answers we have received !

“Danny from Deniliquin” – Last year our team travelled 78 kms from Deni to Echuca and then 471 kms from Port Fairy to Deni, Total = 549 kms. 

“Kathryn from the Keith Cogstrippers” travel to Mildura 399Km plus Port Fairy to Keith (SA) 364, Total 763 kms. 

“Hank from Hawkesdale” travelled to Mildura 488km , then returned home from Port Fairy 42 Km, total 530 kms. 

To date, the honours go to “Sue from Dandenong”:  Who has identified the team who is travelling the greatest distance to participate in the M2M.  The South Gippsland Hospital Moovers.  Foster to Echuca (388 kms) plus Port Fairy back to Foster (461 kms).  Total 849 Kms.

Please send your answers to:


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