Newsletter No 4: January 2017 - Registrations Close 10 March 2017

Newsletter No 4:  January 2017 - Registrations Close 10 March 2017


Registration Update: 10 weeks to go !!

Team and Participant Registrations Close - 10 March 2017. 

Reminder:  All Riders, Drivers and Supporters must be registered by the closing date.  We have 10 weeks until the ride, so if you have not commenced organising your team, NOW is the time.

Currently we have 45 Teams registered and the Maldon team is the largest with 23 Members.  Nine teams are registered with just one member – the Team Captain.

Ride Update: 

Rapid Relief are again willing to support the riders and supporters with refreshment stops on the Echuca and Swan Hill rides, details are to be confirmed.  Beulah Primary school have also provided a fantastic dinner stop on the Mildura ride and we expect this to happen again this year.  We will send out details ASAP. 

Hamilton Compulsory Stop:  The Hamilton Show Grounds will again be the compulsory stop and all teams MUST register at the showgrounds once you arrive.  Refurbished showers and toilet facilities will be available opposite the Show Grounds at the Hamilton Aquatic Centre.  Accommodation is available at the Hamilton Sheep Judging Pavilion within the precinct.  Please note:  Last year a couple of teams found their way to a sheep shed – not part of the M2M accommodation, so if you are not sure where to go – please ask !!

Team Captains:  Please ensure your members are registering and please send these Newsletters out to all your  team members - being informed in a timely manner is vital to any efficient organisation !

Ride Rules Update:

  • Vehicles following a group of riders should be straddling the edge of the road on not sitting out in the middle of the road.  This makes it much safer for vehicles wanting to overtake to see down the road and to see when it is safe to overtake.  It also helps other riders to move through slower groups ahead.


  • Cyclists should help others when riding in groups on the road. That is to point out hazards, potholes, slower riders ahead etc.  Some less experienced riders need to learn the correct cycling etiquetteand the more experienced riders should be reinforcing these skills.  Make sure you keep your eyes on the road and riders in front of you – even when talking to other riders. Safety comes First !!

Cycling Secrets: 

This website clearly explains many cycling techniques and helpful hints:  Great for new teams / riders.

Cycling Secrets: Richie Porte Cycling Training tips

Cycling Secrets:  Changing Gears


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